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Please Note: Some System Settings cannot be changed to prevent abuse.
The Admin password is "ecap08".

Task Description
Single Account Enter an account code and modify the account.
Unverified Accounts Lists all new and modified accounts. Use this option to confirm these accounts as valid.
All Accounts Lists all accounts. Modify these accounts here.
System Settings Configure your system settings and default values.
Email Members Edit or send email to all members, or all dormant members. Also edit email to be sent to new members and the exchange administrator.
Configure Zones Configure or modify the zones used by your exchange. 
Dormant Members View and delete individual dormant members, or delete all dormant members.
Add a Banned IP Add IP addresses which are to banned from entering this site.
Delete IP Address Remove Banned IP addresses.
Translate Member Pages Allows you to change the text on any of the member input screens. Primarily intended for non-English installations.
Suspicious Activity Log Check on Malicious Use of the Exchange. Reset the Exception file.

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