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  • Auto Configuration - no code changes necessary

  • Automatic assignment of free credits for new users

  • Give or sell extra credits to your members

  • Different users can have different display ratios

  • Optional Automatic assignment of user IDs

  • Simple administration with password protection

  • Bulletin Board support


  • All the features of v0.9 plus...

  • Automatic email to new members

  • Automatic email to all existing members

  • Automatic email to all dormant members

  • Automatic email to exchange administrator when new member signs up

  • Customisable member pages (change the colours, background image, headers etc)

  • Foreign language translation facility to make it easy to run an exchange in a language other than English. Multi-lingual versions available in Catalan, French, German, Japanese, Rumanian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

  • Referral system. Members can automatically earn extra credits for referring new members to the exchange.

  • Variables allowed in email

  • Extra credits show in stats as well as earned credits

  • Zoned banners (ie: different categories)

  • Optional deletion of all dormant members

  • Optional Link Exchange style mini banner to the left of (or beneath) member banners

  • Display of member banner and link for easy authorisation

  • Multiple date formats (ie UK or US)

  • Separate stats and member update functions

  • Optional personal data collection (address, phone etc.)

  • Banner uploads with size checking (requires Perl 5)

  • Optionally force all banners to be the same size (you pick the size)

  • Totals displayed in admin All Members function

  • Function to display the most popular banners by click-through percentage. This is configurable so that you can show anything the top 3, top 10, top 100 or anything you like.

  • Separate function to display HTML which should appear on member sites

  • Allows multiple banners on a single page

  • Forgotten password reminder facility

  • Monitor malicious use of the exchange and ban offending IP addresses

  • Improved security

  • Optionally make banner clicks open a new browser window

  • Free upgrades for future releases

  • Try the demo


BannerPlus Gold has identical features to BannerPlus Pro except that the core script is written in C. Perl is an interpreted language and that means that every time a perl script is run (ie every time you display a banner or someone clicks on a banner) your server needs to load the Perl interpreter. This results in a substantial CPU and memory overhead and can lead to server crashes. The busier your banner exchange, the bigger the problem. BannerPlus Gold uses compiled C code which greatly reduces the strain on your server and improves both speed and efficiency.

BannerPlus Gold is essential for larger banner exchanges, or for medium sized exchanges running on shared (virtual) servers. No Perl software is adequate in these situations.

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