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BannerPlus Gold has identical features to BannerPlus Pro except that the core script is written in C for maximum speed and minimum server overhead.

Why C?

Perl is an interpreted language and that means that every time a perl script is run (ie every time a banner is displayed or someone clicks on a banner) your server needs to load the Perl interpreter. This results in a substantial CPU and memory overhead and can lead to server crashes. The busier your banner exchange, the bigger the problem. BannerPlus Gold uses compiled C code which greatly reduces the strain on your server and improves both speed and efficiency.

Is it all written in C?

No. Only the core script is written in C. This is the script that is used every time a banner is displayed or clicked on. The admin and member interface are still in Perl and are identical to the scripts in BannerPlus Pro.

How easy is it to upgrade from BannerPlus Pro?

Very easy. All of the admin and member scripts are identical, so all you need to do is to upload and compile the C script. You can keep all your existing members without any data conversion. Your members should change the HTML on their pages to reflect the new script name, but even that is not compulsory since you can keep the Perl version running for old members side by side with the C version for new members.

Do I need it?

BannerPlus Gold is essential for larger banner exchanges, or for medium sized exchanges running on shared (virtual) servers. No Perl software is adequate in these situations. If your exchange is running smoothly and your server is not overloaded, then you can happily stick with BannerPlus Pro unless your exchange is also expanding. There are no hard and fast figures for when you should make the switch. On a shared server you might have problems running BannerPlus Pro with as few as 10,000 banner exposures per day. On a dedicated server your exchange may run smoothly with 10 times that volume. If you don't know whether you need BannerPlus Gold right now, then you probably don't! You'll know when you need it!

What about upgrades?

Because the admin and member interface is identical to that of BannerPlus Pro, you can avail yourself of the free upgrades to any of these areas made to BannerPlus Pro. Upgrades to the core C system will be competitively priced.

What are the system requirements?

  • Web server with UNIX or API-compatible operating system (Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc.)

  • gcc compiler. (99% or the time it is included in your operating system). You will also need the C library file(s) for fctnl. If you are unsure, ask your system administrator.
    Login via telnet and type gcc -v To see if you have the compiler.

How do I order?

See http://www.gadnet.com/bplus/bpbuyn.htm