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Although installation is very straightforward, you can elect to have me do the installation for you. There is a charge of $25 for this service. Installation does not include password protection of your ads data directory. This is your responsibility. Please email your ftp details at the time of the order if you would like this service.


  • Credit card payments take approximately 24 hours. Your members' username and password will not be issued until the card has been verified.

  • Please make sure that your system is compatible BEFORE ordering. You will need a unix server running Perl 5 and you must have cgi access. Perl 5 has been used to test these scripts. For BannerPlus Gold you will also need telnet access and have a C compiler installed on your server. Refunds will not be issued if the software is incompatible with your server. If in doubt, please install the freeware version first. Refunds are available only where the product is found to have a substantial bug.


Secure Credit Card Payment
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Or to use PayPal click on the button below

Cheque Payment:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that your email address is written clearly on the back of the cheque. 

Please inform me via email that the cheque has been sent, along with the cheque details.

US$ Cheques
Please send cheque or money order payable to Transunion Ltd to:

Rubha Beag
PA26 8BE,

Sterling cheques are also acceptable to the Agyll address. Please ask for the current sterling price at:info@gadnet.com